Robust design, lifting capacity and efficiency put McQuaid Engineering’s Orange Peel Grabs firmly on top of the pile when it comes to scrap handling and recycling.

They are the perfect solution for material handlers in scrap yards, recycling plants and transfer stations. A 360° rotation system and 5-tine configuration efficiently and safely handles shredded scrap, waste, long structural beams, car bodies and many other materials.

McQuaid Engineering Orange Peel Grapple



  • Half closed or closed tines/ claws
  • Grab tines have integrated teeth points
  • 360 free running rotation with hydraulic rotation available
  • Pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulic system against peak pressures
  • Special steel with heat treatment for hardening to ensure maximum strength



  • Components subject to abrasion are made of wear resistant steel
  • Durable materials ensure a long life even with poor lubrication
  • Designed to resist the hardest working conditions
  • Simple assembly and ease of operation
  • Long service life guaranteed


Maximise Production and achieve faster cycle times. Heavy duty cylinders and penetrating tines work together securely grabbing full loads with each pick for maximum production!!!

Mc Quaid Engineering Orange Peel Grabs for sale


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