McQuaid Engineering Ltd is accredited with two ISO Certifications:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Standard

ISO 3834-3: 2005 Welding Quality Assurance certification

Certification to ISO 9001: 2015

  • Shows that we place the customer at the heart of our business practice, creating a higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrate our competitive edge through the existence of an effective quality management system that delivers compliance to a proven international standard
  • Boosts productivity, drives down costs and achieves greater consistency through improved operational performance
  • Motivates and engages our employees with more efficient internal processes, leading to a more productive, confident and driven workforce
  • Develops our risk management processes. Problems are more easily avoided with greater consistency and traceability of your products and services

ISO 3834-3: 2005 Welding Quality Assurance certification

To ensure the proper quality of your welded product and consistency in standards ISO 3834-3 is the standard quality assurance system which shows McQuaid Engineering apply good practice to their welding operations.

For fabricators, ISO 3834-3 goes beyond ISO 9001 to demonstrate their competence in fusion welding processes. A fabricator with an ISO 3834-3 certification stands out against the rest, as it shows they’ve been independently assessed for welding. One of the key elements is that it requires the manufacturer to demonstrate the competence of their welding coordinators.

Managing all activities from one site allows McQuaid Engineering Ltd to be in complete control of our quality standards by implementing them into our standard operating procedures.

This, in conjunction with our Regic accreditation; Regic is the Achilles community for mining, steel and cement industry’s in Latin America and south Europe where the world’s leading companies in the industry trade, outlines us as a forward-thinking company and portrays commitment to the sustainability and performance of the business.