The McQuaid range of Orange Peel Grabs are the perfect attachments for scrap processing, auto handling, tyres and bulk cargo. The Orange Peel Grabs are available with half closed or closed tines. McQuaid orange peel grabs can safely handle shredded scrap, waste, car bodies and many other materials.

Built to exact tolerances from premium materials, our orange peel grabs have an excellent strength to weight ratio. Their sturdy design guarantees a long service life. The gripping arms protect the hydraulic cylinder pistons, and all other connections are located in the tough central piece of the scrap grab.

There are three options available for the orange peel grabs depending on the type of application it is required for; free rotation, with rotator, or integrated rotation (heavy duty) with sturdy slewing.

The tough, hard wearing design ensures maximum penetration while the hardened, over-dimensioned pins in wide bearing bushes form an extremely robust pivot hinge for the grab tines.

Orange Peel Grab Features:

  • Half closed or closed tines/ claws
  • Grab tines have integrated teeth points
  • 360 free running rotation with hydraulic rotation available
  • Pressure relief valve to protect the hydraulic system against peak pressures
  • Special steel with heat treatment for hardening to ensure maximum strength

Orange Peel Grab Benefits:

  • Components subject to abrasion are made of wear resistant steel
  • Durable materials ensure a long life even with poor lubrication
  • Designed to resist the hardest working conditions
  • Simple assembly and ease of operation
  • Long service life guaranteed

These reliable and sturdy orange peel grabs are designed to resist the toughest working conditions. If you have any doubt about the type of attachment you need for your carrier – be it a crane or excavator, please contact us. The team at McQuaid Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on which grab to select.


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