Designed For You

At McQuaid Engineering Ltd, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, utilising the newest technologies and keeping ahead of industry standards. Years of experience in analysing and improving productivity has shown us that an efficient production flow is a prerequisite for cost effective manufacturing. Having our entire manufacturing and production process in one location also gives us the key advantage of flexibility. This fast paced and flexible means of production allows us to move through the design, engineering, product development and production phases quickly and effectively.

Quality Processes

Using top quality manufacturing processes, our highly skilled workshop staff, engineers and technicians work to precise specifications to achieve customer’s requirements. The use of state of the art machines in our production processes results in the production of complex, high integrity equipment to exacting standards. Our dedication to exacting quality control and rigorous continuity standards is evidenced through the company’s adherence to stringent policy standards, ISO9001 & ISO3834. Fabrication and welding is carried out to ISO standards by our skilled, time served welders. This precision allows for easy retrofitting and changing of worn/ spare parts. The policy for achieving zero defects is in our production strategy, the use of precision machinery allows for rigorous control and traceability at all stages of production. Working from either our own manufacturing plans, or building to clients specifications, we produce powerful, durable and reliable products that serve mines, quarries and contractors the world over.

Streamlined Production

Design, production, manufacturing and advice; at McQuaid Engineering we handle all of these ourselves, from one central point of contact. This full service approach makes us not only work more efficiently and streamlined as a team, but it also makes us more accessible to the customer. Because we are not waiting on outsourced components, we deliver in a timely manner, and eliminate additional costs. This is not only good for our customers; it is environmentally responsible as well. Precision design and lazer cutting cuts down on waste, and all scrap metal is collected for recycling.