McQuaid Engineering Log Grabs are the ideal excavator attachment for forestry applications. The log grab is widely used for the handling and processing of timber, rocks, demolition and construction materials. Our powerful, multi-purpose hydraulic log grabs are designed to be lightweight, yet strong and durable.

McQuaid log grabs are equipped with a sturdy hydraulic rotator that is rigidly connected to the excavator/ carrier arm, ensuring maximum precision work. The powerful hydraulic motor, working in conjunction with the heavy-duty slew ring and pinion, provides the log grab with full 360° rotation. We also offer a full range of mechanical log grabs.

The hydraulic cylinders are housed within the body of the log grab, ensuring maximum protection. These heavy-duty cylinders with a built-in positive load holding valve ensure a positive grip in case of pressure loss. They also ensure excellent closing, with a strong grip being maintained at all times. The arms of the log grab have an optimised curvature, designed to guarantee the maximum load. The arms close one inside the other, allowing a firm grip even on single logs, or those with a small diameter.

The log grab components are manufactured from high grade wear-resistant materials, ensuring durability and longevity, even in the toughest of applications.

Log Grab Features:

  • Integrated endless 360 rotation with sturdy slew ring
  • Well protected heavy duty cylinders
  • Box welded tine construction with high grade hardened steel
  • Load safety valve ensures safety during operation
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Tremendous closing power and grip

Log Grab Benefits:

  • Boxed tines increase strength, maximise production and minimise downtime
  • Durable materials ensure a long life
  • Designed for excellent handling performance, ease of use and proficiency
  • Dual cylinder action and integrated check valve maximises the power, performance and stability

Given the reliability of the materials, the proven design and the precise assembly,  the McQuaid log grabs are a staple piece of machinery for demolition, logging, land clearance, skips sorting and forestry work.


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