Heavy Duty Hydraulic & Mechanical Block Grabs – Built Tough To Work Hard


Frequently used on building sites and brickyards, the McQuaid Engineering range of block grabs ensures that your work comes with a quicker turnaround for the movement of bricks, blocks, kerbs and paving stones. The extremely high build and design quality ensures downtime for maintenance and service is greatly reduced, productivity on site is maximized for your teams. Our block grabs are suitable for using with cranes, forklift trucks, telehandlers and excavators.


When using our mechanical block grab the driver has no need to leave the safety of their seat. An automatic locking mechanism holds the grab open between lifts, which allows for quick and easy single person operation. This in turn allows gives much greater efficiency loading and unloading. With no need to move multi-way pallets backwards and forwards, unnecessary waste on the building site is eliminated, saving both time and money.


We can supply both single and double lift block grabs, depending on your needs.  All of our block grabs come fully certified grab used for handling common building packs of blocks, bricks and kerbs up to a SWL up to 2200kg.




At McQuaid Engineering we also manufacture and supply a range of hydraulic block grabs.

Our hydraulic block grabs come supplied with free rotation using a universal bracket which allows free swing on both axis. They are manufactured with a universal knuckle joint, allowing free movement for the grab to swing in all directions without impacting the carrier. A lifting eye attaches the grab to the carrier by either a lifting chain or with a telescopic handler bracket frame. Our hydraulic block grabs are available with different mounting options to suit your application.

Hydraulic Block Grab


Benefits of McQuaid Engineering Block Grabs:

✅ Fully Certified Range of Block Grabs

✅ Full Spare Service & Maintenance Service

✅ Re-certification Service

✅ H&S lifting accessories available

✅ Removes the need for pallets

✅ Enhanced grip on uneven surfaces

✅ Minimal maintenance requirements



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