McQuaid Engineering Ltd would like to take this opportunity to introduce our companies latest addition to our range of purpose built mobile rock breaker boom systems for attaching to mobile crushers.

Our RB30, RB40 and RB42S model mobile rock breaker booms are well established as quality solutions for many brands and models of mobile crushers. Our company is proud to add our RB20 model mobile boom to our range. The RB20 model is our most articulate and universal designed boom to date, compatible for attaching to a wide range of mobiles crushers.

The principle of our booms design is to offer a compact rock breaker boom that will mount and park within the crushers transport dimensions. Our booms are simple and straight forward to attach to any mobile crusher. With a view of simplifying and reducing the time and skill requirement for installing our mobile booms, our equipment is generally supplied complete and fully assembled with all electrical and hydraulic components factory fitted. Having now launched our RB20 model, we are well placed to offer our customers a plug and play rock breaker boom solution.

RB20 Mobile Crusher Boom Specifications

There are a number of major benefits in installing one of our rock breaker boom systems onto your mobile crusher;

  • Our mobile booms are fast and simple install, requiring limited technical knowledge
  • When installed, our mobile boom raises from parked into operating position and back to parking position within minutes
  • Our mobile boom offers a safe method for clearing any blockages without the need for an operator to approximate the jaw or feeder area
  • The mobile boom system offers an efficient and controlled method for clearing blockages without the need for an excavator
  • By design the mobile rock breaker boom limits the weight and load stress on the crushers chassis
  • When installed, the mobile rock breaker boom increases TPH throughput on your crusher by eliminating down time
  • Supplied with radio remote controls, the mobile boom system can be activated and operated from a raised position such as the loading shovel feeding the crusher eliminating the requirement for a crusher operator.


RB20 rock breaker boom for mobile crusher

Mobile Rock Breaker Boom Delivery & Installation

McQuaid mobile rock breaker boom systems are designed for compact, modular transport and can be delivered at a competitive price to any location globally.
We have highly skilled technical engineers on hand, offering full support for installations.


Built Tough To Work Hard

Our mobile rock breaker boom systems are manufactured to globally recognized build quality standards, ISO:3834 and ISO:9001.


You can view our full range of mobile rock breaker booms here.