A new McQuaid RB42SX Rock Breaker Boom System is playing a pivotal role in increased production at the SOMAT Quarry in France.

One of the biggest limestone quarries in the area, they are extracting and producing approximately 1.5 million of tons of aggregate per annum.

The quarry was experiencing problems prior to scalping and crushing, with rocks forming a bridge and causing blockages. They were resolving this by having an excavator stop work at the blasting point and driving to the primary hopper to break the bridging. This operation was not only causing stops at the blasted point, but greatly reducing aggregate production.

As a solution, our distributor proposed that the quarry mount a boom at the top of the primary hopper.

After consulting with our expert rock breaker boom team, it was confirmed that a McQuaid RB42SX boom system would be the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

The RB42SX has a max horizontal reach of 7.1 metres and a max vertical reach of 5.6 metres. The recommended breaker size is 250kgs – 750kgs.

These boom systems are typically used in quarries and mines to improve the productivity of stationary crushers by feeding material into the crusher and by raking the hopper area.

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